What's the process for a custom sign request?

Requesting customization to one of our designs or even having a custom sign designed by BOP is easy. 

If  you'd like to purchase an existing design with a personalize touch just choose from the "board size" drop down menu on the product page and select the applicable size + (Custom). By doing so a text box below will be enabled so you can add your requirements. 

If you'd like a custom sign, choose "Custom Sign" from one of our category collection pages (e.g., Home Decor, Special Occasions etc.) and follow the same steps. 

Once your order has been submitted a proof will be designed and presented to you via email within 5-business days for your approval. The first 3 proofs are are included in the purchase price. If more than 3 proofs are required a $10 service fee will be applied to your purchase for each additional proof. 

Once we have your approval your order will be produced and shipped within 3-4 weeks.

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